The most significant innovation in the industrial paint industry in the last 30 years

New technology for protecting metal structures using elastomeric and nanotechnological membranes. The alternative to traditional paint for rust.

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Environmental Care

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión

EÓN Technology System

The most significant innovation in the industrial paint industry in the last 30 years.

EON offers multiple advantages, one of the most outstanding being the reduction of solvents (VOCs) by more than 90% and the reduction of the carbon footprint by more than 85%.

“Paint and paint products, in fact, are the second largest source of VOC emissions after cars”

EON addresses and solves this issue.

Agenda 2020 - Efectos Navales Bordaberri

Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs

Agenda 2030 of the United Nations (UN)

Out of 17 goals, EÓN has a positive impact on the following: 3, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 17.




The metal corrosion problem de la corrosión del metal

The sea and the marine environment destroy steel at a minimum rate of 250 microns every year. Bearing in mind that oil and gas platforms and wind turbines are designed for a useful life of 20 to 25 years, it follows that a layer between 5000 and 6250 microns thick can be destroyed in that time. 

However, in the last decade we have seen how treatments to protect against corrosion applied up until now – anti-rust paint for metal, for example – have an average thickness of 350 microns, and are therefore not enough to span the useful life of these metal structures. In addition, the combination of different forms of corrosion and environmental assault create a synergistic effect that intensifies the destruction of the steel.

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EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión

EÓN, the new rust solution

As an intermediate coat, EÓN introduces a very thick elastomeric membrane made from state-of-the-art materials called Ecolastán Xtreme Nanotech. This membrane protects first coats from the corrosive action of salt water, as it has waterproofing properties.

At the same time, it resists compression and traction loads as it is very elastic and facilitates the adhesion of the top protective coat of polyurethane. The thickness of this membrane, between 1400 and 2800 microns, cushions the metal against the thermal shock of temperature gradients, since it works as thermal insulation and minimizes the risk of breakage of inelastic coatings.


In essence, this technology:

  • Protects metal from corrosion caused by saltwater action
  • Applies great thicknesses with high coating durability.
  • Achieves highly elastic coatings

EÓN Technology, designed by Efectos Navales Bordaberri as specialists in marine paint for rust, applies thicknesses starting at 1950 microns. It is therefore sufficient to cope with the above predictions of synergistic wear suffered by steel exposed to such extreme conditions.

Many of these questions are asked by managers and owners of large corporations working in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Wind
  • Petrochemical
  • Shipping
  • Marine transport
  • Yachting



Save on the maintenance of your structures
with EÓN Technology System.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión



Reduce maintenance costs
with EÓN Technology System.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión

Wind Energy

Wind Energy

Extend the life of your windmills
with EÓN Technology System.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión

Marine transport

Marine transport

Benefit from savings on maintenance
with EÓN Technology System.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

Protect your oil structures
with EÓN Technology System.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión



Enjoy the sea more with
EÓN Technology System.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión

How is EÓN Technology System different?

EÓN Technology System differs from traditional anti-rust paint systems in several ways:

  • High dry film thicknesses. 25% more dry thickness than traditional systems, for the same cost.
  • Average dry thicknesses 3–6 times higher than traditional systems.
  • Application of high thicknesses with high-performance airless spray equipment (500 to 3000 microns dry per coat).
  • A non-destructive, coat-on-coat, cumulative system, since, with thicknesses of 1950 microns dry, the EÓN anti-corrosion system cannot be removed by shot blasting, as is the case with traditional paint for rust.
  • High mechanical resistance to compression and bending.
  • High resistance to direct and reverse impacts.
  • High resistance to SA 2.5 shot blasting.
  • Extreme protection against corrosion of steel and its alloys. High durability.
  • Very elastic systems (> 700% Young’s modulus of elasticity).
  • High chemical resistance to acids and alkalis. Extreme resistance to acid rain and aggressive industrial environments (petrochemicals, marine atmospheres, etc.)
  • Extreme resistance to ultraviolet (UVA) and infrared radiation.
  • Water- based system versus traditional solvent-based systems.
  • Elimination of volatile organic compounds VOCs (> 95%)
  • RMBD or MLDCs – Multifunctional low-density coatings (0.7–0.9 g/cm3), under Spanish invention patent nº201530431/2. Use of high-quality raw materials and new technology (expanded natural minerals and nanotechnology products)
  • Oxiflex 1995 Rust Converter

    50 microns

  • Ecopox 1-C 70% Solids Anti-Corrosion Primer

    300 microns

  • Ecolastan Xtreme – Nanotech 72% Solids Elastomeric Membrane

    1.400 microns

  • Ecodur 2-C 100% Solids Exterior Enamel Topcoat

    200 microns

  • Air pollution is reduced by eliminating more than 95% of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in industrial applications.
  • Painting system aligned with the sustainable development goals (SDGs 8, 9, 12, 13, 14 and 15) set out by the United Nations Organization (UN) and within the 2030 European sustainability framework.
  • Marine and land pollution is reduced by minimizing the solid waste resulting from the disposal of coatings applied to metal structures, at the end of their useful life.

Eón Technology System results

The EÓN system is designed to meet the highest demands in terms of:

  • corrosion and metal protection,
  • waterproofing,
  • mechanical and chemical protection,
  • high durability of metal structures,

as well as guaranteeing a safe application as it does not contain solvents. The system even complies with the most demanding regulations, such as Spanish Royal Decree 374/2001, of 6 April, on the protection of the health and safety of workers against risks related to chemical agents at work, and Spanish Royal Decree 773/1997, of 30 May, on minimum health and safety provisions relating to workers’ use of personal protective equipment, as well as EEC regulations on health and safety at work.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pintura anticorrosión
Dry thickness
Tested results

The story behind EÓN Technology System

The 1970s

In 1975, Martín Fernández Goñi and Martín Salterain took over at the helm of EFECTOS NAVALES ISIDRO AIZPURUA, a company very much of its time and its coastal location of Puerto de Pasajes (Guipúzcoa). Their knowledge, experience and hard work made it somewhere every skipper and sailor knew could solve their problems and meet their needs. These were the early days, when the sea showed you your weaknesses.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pintura anticorrosión
EÓN Technology System | Más que pintura anticorrosiva

The 1980s

After a few years of booms in fishing, merchant trade, industry and mining, an unprecedented economic crisis hit the maritime sector, requiring changes to be made across all sectors.

It was time to take the company in a new direction, and its personal value could not be cut adrift. As a result, new strategic alliances were formed that led to their incorporation into the company BORDABERRI, S.A., delivering a new injection of personality.

This is how the company came to offer ship repair services, marine engineering, boiler works and, of course, placed special value on the needs of the crew. It succeeded in filling a gap in the market and was an obligatory stopover along the Cantabrian coast for ships from all continents, not only because of its clearly specialist services, but also because the personal treatment crews received alleviated the months they spent at sea. The sea could also be kind.

The 2010s

When it came time for management to disembark, a second generation took over the business. They shared memories of a childhood with the port filled to the brim with boats, engines and other parts being repaired in the workshops and all with a common factor involving the many faces of the sea; all of them tinged with red as the displayed its cruel and mighty power …. metal corrosion, for which anti-corrosion paint was not yet a long-term solution.

This was the watershed moment in which Jon Fernández Herrero became clear which course to follow, and determined to prevent the corrosion of steel and other metal alloys produced by the elements and forces of nature. Armed with his sincere concern for this problem, together with an in-depth knowledge of coatings used and their application, he set about trying to find a solution. There remained one missing ingredient–how to actually make it happen.

Like a bottle drifting out at sea, that message reached Fernando Iturbe García, a senior chemist specialized in metal corrosion and a follower of Carlos Rodríguez Santacoloma, who had founded PIVANA- Pinturas Vasco Navarras, in 1960. From there sprouted the seed of a seemingly unattainable project, to fight against nature’s elements to minimize metal corrosion, with both joining forces and sharing their wealth of knowledge on the subject.

EÓN Technology System | Más que pinturas anticorrosión
EÓN Technology System | Más que pintura anticorrosiva

The 2020s

Despite the global situation, the company continued to fight against the tide where global synergies had been stagnant in the past. The path was far from easy, sometimes presented nothing but dead ends; but finally, a force similar to the tides of the sea pushed forward and revealed a path full of emotion, joy, new lessons and knowledge. This seed grew to become EFECTOS NAVALES BORDABERRI, S.L. – melting pot bringing together all the experience, the human quality and the know-how of a long line of people who have ventured into uncharted territory with us. To all of them, THANK YOU.

Our experience and vision

Our 50-year tradition is firmly focused on innovation. We have developed innovative, highly durable anti-corrosion protection systems for metals: the EÓN TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM.

This innovation must flow and communicate through all the channels the sea leads us down. The time has come to forge strategic partnerships and alliances with those companies that pursue the same or similar objectives. In short, it is time for the company to expand its horizons worldwide.

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