Tested results

The quality of EÓN Technology System has been certified by official institutions and passed all tests with success. Here you, can see the results of the tests we have completed.


Eón Technology System primarily provides anti-corrosion protection for metal throughout the useful life of offshore marine metal structures, heavy metal fabrication, petrochemicals and merchant vessels, in accordance with:

  • UNE-ISO 12944-6:2018. 720 hrs condensation chamber / 1440 hrs salt spray chamber.
  • UNE-ISO 12944-9:2018 CX (Offshore). 4200 hrs salt spray chamber / combined cycle UVA resistance.


Eón Technology System introduces an elastomeric membrane in its third coat which, due to its high elasticity coefficient (approx. 700%), nullifies the application of the ISO 8501-1:2007 standard corresponding to the mechanical preparation of metal surfaces, that is, it cannot be removed by shot blasting type SA 2.5.

  • Shot blasting resistance test.
    Husqvarna Group- Blastrac  19/01/2022 download


Eón Technology System uses the latest technologies in elastic coatings made from the best organic polymers and inorganic natural minerals. This creates a product that is free of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and is fully compliant with the most stringent ISO 11890-2:2013 standard.

Here are the results of the different tests carried out:

  • Enterprise Europe Network Innovation analytical test
    EUROPEAN COMMUNITY / CEOE ARAGÓN 26/10/2020 download

  • Mechanical adherence test – C/211771I1
    ITAINNOVA (Technology Institute of Aragon) 10/08/2021 download

  • Mechanical bending test – C/212686I2
    ITAINNOVA (Technology Institute of Aragon) 08/10/2021 download

  • Impact resistance test – C/212686I1
    ITAINNOVA (Technology Institute of Aragon)08/10/2021 download

  • Reverse impact resistance test – C/212686I4
    ITAINNOVA (Technology Institute of Aragon) 08/10/2021 download

  • 720-hour condensation test and 1440-hour salt spray corrosion resistance test
    ITAINNOVA (Technology Institute of Aragon) 22/12/2021 download


As a result of our work, experience and research, we have been able to file EÓN Technology System as a Spanish invention patent under number 201530431/2.

It is without doubt a new technology in the protection of metal structures using elastomeric and nanotechnology membranes.

RMBD PATENT (MLDC, or Multifunctional Low-Density Coatings)

Environmental impact

In consideration of the environment and with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint, the EÓN Technology System reduces VOC emissions by 95% compared to traditional painting systems.

In addition, as it lasts the entire useful life of the metal structure (approx. 30 years) no new treatments need to be applied, and no additional toxic waste is generated.

  • Impacto Ambiental: Consideraciones medioambientales y reducción de la huella de carbono.

Compared to traditional paint for rust, EÓN Technology System means hearing less news like this:

  • Toxic waste from Montenegro dumped at Nerva landfill in 2019 without permission read more
  • Environmentalists call upon Spain’s Nature Protection Service, Seprona, to tackle the unloading at the Port of Seville of toxic waste bound for Nerva landfill Read more

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